Bouncy Castle Hire – What to Be Aware of Before Hiring a Bouncy Castle?

Hiring a good bouncy castle can really make a children’s party, but it can be a stressful time for the parents that are in charge of ordering it. Finding the right bouncy castle rental in Singapore can be a difficult job, since there aren’t usually any online reviews (as you get with lots of businesses and products these days) letting you know which companies to trust and which to avoid.

That being said, finding a bouncy castle hire company is easier than ever these days, since they can be found in either the local directories (such as the Yellow Pages) or through online directories (such as the Yellow Pages’ website). One good way to get a list of companies in your area is to type ‘bouncy castle hire’ and your town/city name into Google. For example, you might type in ‘bouncy castle hire Huntsville, AL’ if you live in Huntsville.

Once you’ve made a shortlist of a few local companies, take the time to call each one and ask them what kind of service they are offering (and how much it costs). Some companies may only offer just one kind of bouncing castle for rental, whereas others may have several different kinds (and several different sizes). It is important to be clear about what you want, and it also helps if you have a rough idea of the number of the people that’ll be on the bouncy castle at the same time. Many places require a deposit when they hire a bouncing castle from them, so don’t be surprised or suspicious when they ask for one.

The second type of insurance (accidental insurance) is in case you accidentally damage the bouncing castle. While most castles are made to be extremely tough and durable, they are effectively just a big balloon, and we all know balloons can pop! One of the most common ways that they get damaged is when someone jumps on them whilst carrying a set of keys (possibly in their pocket). If you land on a set of keys there’s a good chance that they can create a puncture in the fabric. Before any bouncing castle is hired, it’s important that you acknowledge who’s responsible for which damages. Follow these steps and you’ll be on the way to a successful bouncy castle hire!

Kids Birthday Party Themes:

There are so many kids birthday party themes to choose from it can seem overwhelming at times. The first step to successfully planning a party is to narrow down your choices and pick a theme.

Here’s a fun, unique theme idea to give you some inspiration. It’s based on the popular TV show, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego. This kids birthday party idea is suitable for children from 5 to 8 years old.

Kids party planner based around the show “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego”. It’s a fun and simple home party and you won’t have to shuttle the children around city or compete for space at another venue like Chucky Cheese.

Activity and Game Ideas: 

It makes the kids feel like they’re not surrounded by their parents, in turn it give you a way of creating a festive atmosphere while always keeping an eye on the children.

Different areas of the house and backyard are set up as different areas around the world, for example Paris, China, Spain. There are clues, puzzles and games set up at the different stations that the children have to figure out.

After the children figure out the puzzles they receive another clue to get them to the next station and also a little prize. in the end all the clues lead the children to figure out where Carmen San Diego is and how she committed the “crime”.

A fun way to end the party is to have the final clue lead to the dining room where the cake and presents are waiting for the children.