What is the standard for serving?

We registered as a wholesaler to the exponential demand. Because we embarked from humble beginnings importance of BBQ standard of quality remains our top priority. To date, this high standard is perpetually refined even for the mass production of satays.BBQ House has now expanded to one-stop BBQ solution in the food industry. Our extensive customer base has enjoyed many great occasion with BBQ delivery services. Provision of onsite barbequing services, catering for corporate and domestic events, pr-barbeque preparations we have all at BBQ House.

We take pride in our correction and enthusiasm to serving the best HalalBBQ meat delivery. Today we have risen to be Singapore’s largest online Halal BBQ Satay and Meats supplier and we are dedicated to delivering savory Halal food to our customers while fastidiously sticking to the guidelines and basis of Halal food preparation requirements. While diligently following these guidelines, we have also remembered to give our customers innovative new products, great taste, and excellent prices! This is what we have to say about being dedicated to delivering you excellent Halal BBQ Meats and Satays.

BBQ catering packages starting from $20 per person. Choose from a wide selection of meats, fresh salads, tasty sides, sweets, condiments and spreads for your BBQ menu. We can cater for all different tastes and special dietary requirements. Dedicated events manager to look after all your needs. We have a wealth of experience managing corporate BBQ events in many locations. We will have a corporate BBQ menu to suit your needs and budget.


No BBQ would be complete without drinks. We can provide a full range of beverages, including cold beers on ice, juice and mineral water. We can also provide glasses ice and ice buckets to keep it cold.


Our place is blessed with so many lovely outdoor locations for your corporate BBQ from fabulous beach fronts to regular parks. Speak to our events manager for recommendations and whether permits are required.We have got everything you need to make a success-including hire, table and chair hire, wait staff, chefs, marquee and tent hire, plates, serving ware, cutlery, glassware, decorations, and entertainment.

What is Islam’s practice?

In Islam, food amongst other things is a very delicate aspect of one’s practice. There is an acceptable standard for the kind of Muslim should and should not eat. The accepted foods are called Halal food. And several factors are considered in the assessment of a type of food before it can be certified as Halal; the kind of food, its source, processing procedures, ingredients used amongst other things. Sometimes, a Muslim might not be able to distinguish some of these acceptable foods from the unacceptable ones especially if the food got contaminated during the processing.Our service provides a wholesale catering, delivering island wide in Singapore.Our passion is Marination. Our meats are well marinated and thought after! Come and visit your taste buds will thank you.All you do is to place them on the grill and you will be ready to taste them real soon.For quality BBQ Food or Catering contact us, we are one of the best BBQ Wholesale in Singapore. To know more about BBQ Click here.