The Yangqin

The conventional yangqin’s shape, diatonic tuning, and long hammers held between the thumb and index finger endorse that they had been having an effect on through the hammered dulcimers of Europe, instead of the Persian santur.  The tool, to begin with, was a reasonably simple fan formed affair with various simplest 8 treble guides and 8 base publications likely strung with brass.  During the Sixties, the device advanced into models having two, 3, four and on occasion five main bridges significantly extending its range.  Steel and copper wound strings with as many as five strings per path have been delivered with the intention to supply the tool more resonance and quantity.  The playing hammers are made from flexible bamboo with a half-moon head included through the rubber. The rubber facet produces a softer sound and is used maximum frequently.   When a crisper, extra percussive sound is needed the hammer is flipped placing the strings with the bare bamboo.  The ends of the hammers are every now and then used to pluck the instrument as nicely.

Some unique functions consist of its tuning scheme from yangqin music courses, the development of its bridges,  a reasonably open back,  cylindrical steel nuts that may be moved for exceptional tuning, and a hinged cowl that’s

This section is a few information I pulled collectively for the subsequent article I wrote these days for Dulcimer Player News on the Yangqin or Chinese hammered dulcimer. Xiao Xiannian and Julie Tay had been very beneficial as well as pleasing. We have had them carry out on extraordinary activities at our nearby tune performance series here in Bedford, VA. If you have questions or comments please get in touch with me; in particular, if something within the article is inaccurate.


The pitches are arranged so that in trendy, transferring one phase far from the player’s body corresponds to a transposition of an entire tone upwards. Similarly, transferring one segment closer to the left of the performer typically corresponds to a transposition of a perfect fifth upwards. These are most effective guidelines of thumb because the association must be modified in the direction of the extremes of the pitch range to fill out notes in the chromatic scale. Such an association enables transposition.

The Yangqin like North American dulcimers is capable of producing not most effective unmarried notes, however additionally chords and brief arpeggios. It is extensively used as both a solo and accompanying device and stays one of the fundamental units in a Chinese orchestra.

What is an Erhu?

The Erhu is a two-stringed instrument performed with a bow that is popular no longer simplest in China, but in the one’s areas of East Asia in which Chinese culture has had a particularly superb impact. Due to its resemblance in characteristic to a violin, it’s far every now and then referred to as a Chinese Violin.

The device gives a legitimate that, even for the ones who’ve no familiarity with the erhu, may be straight away related to the Chinese way of life. The name Erhu is Chinese and refers back to the reality that the device has two strings (er) as well as comes from the huqin circle of relatives of stringed instruments.


The instrument is particularly specific, mainly when as compared to other stringed devices from the West. It lacks a fingerboard, so in preference to urgent the strings to the wooden to stop their vibration, the participant as a substitute honestly presses his/her finger in opposition to the wooden. Additionally, it is not the vibration of the strings themselves that motive the noise, but as an alternative a chunk of python pores and skin this is adjoining to the strings and vibrates after they move.

As a result of the tremendous popularity of the erhu music lessons, the Chinese authorities have taken steps to ensure that any python pores and skin used in an erhu comes from farm-grown pythons and has restricted the variety of erhus that can be exported. Recently, a collection in Hong Kong started out pioneering as a substitute for the snake pores and skin.