5 Major benefits of bathroom renovations

We should never think of a bathroom refinishing in Singapore as an extra expense. Even the smallest upgrade adds a tremendous amount of benefit. Remember that we and most other people spend a huge amount of time in the bathroom. What we do in there is our business, of course, but no matter what it is, do not we want to do it in luxurious comfort?

At the very least, we do not want to do it in a place with a distracting leak, a toilet that refuses to flush, or while looking at a nondescript plain wall. We see a renovation is not just about form, it is about function as well. Consider some of these benefits involving both those things.

1. Improve our own enjoyment and relaxation with a renovation

Our bathroom is not just a place to perform a function. It can be, and that is how some people use it. Consider our own comfort and relaxation. Even small changes can make a huge difference. We can place something soft onto that cold, impersonal toilet seat.

We can make a small space feel larger with changes to colors and patterns. Many people do not think of them that way, but those small changes are, in fact, renovations.

2. Improve the appearance of the bathroom and the home

A bathroom renovation will, of course, make the bathroom look better. But it will also make our home as a whole look better.

Have we ever gone to someone’s house, admired it and then walked into their bathroom? Was the bathroom the equal of the rest of the home? If it was not, then we should have suggested they think about renovating it.

3. Add space to our bathroom with a remodel

Space is important on many levels. When we walk into our bathroom, do we have to turn sideways to get something done? If we sit on the toilet, are we literally right next to or within touching distance of some other bathroom fixture? We need some space in there.

This also goes back to our own comfort. No one should feel claustrophobic in their own bathroom. There are two ways to add space to a bathroom remodel.

  • Add more space with construction
  • Add virtual space by switching out fixtures and components

    4. Increase the value of the entire home with a bathroom renovation

Most remodeling work increases a home’s value. When selling a home, potential buyers often look to the bathrooms as a statement of the home in general. If the bathroom is nice, they assume everything else is nice as well. Some people go out specifically looking for remodeled bathrooms.

5. Improve the cleanliness of our bathroom and home

A more open and spacious bathroom gives us the ability to clean it more effectively. In fact, there is a psychological aspect to a more beautiful bathroom. Simply because it is new and renovated, we may have more of a drive and incentive to keep it immaculate. When dealing with our old bathroom, we can become a little lax in keeping it clean. To read more about our marble polishing in Singapore click here.