Join your child at music class!

Young children love a blend of music, motion, rhythm, and dance. This aggregate allows them to experience the music and express themselves. Music & movement program Singapore together provide a lot many blessings to the social, intellectual and physical improvement in children. Moreover incorporating tune, movement in early life education. Enables young children with social interplay and language growth.


Music is a superb manner to nurture your baby’s improvement in a supportive, flexible and playful environment. Some of the most essential milestones for toddlers centre around language, sensory and motor improvement. A mixed music and motion method permits you to have fun together. Whilst assisting your toddler to broaden self-belief as they analyze new capabilities. Learning collectively along with your toddler enables to strength your dating through sharing the ones mild up moments. Once they master a brand new talent with your help, and the method you could repeat the sports at domestic with self-belief. During the primary year of your toddler’s existence, they develop and research a lot. Babies can examine through exploring their environment. Music and movement offer a safe and comfortable area for your infant to do that.


Our Occupational therapists recognize the fast improvement which could arise in that first few months of your baby’s existence and the significance of making playful and exciting opportunities to help them reap their milestones. We will guide you to discover along with your toddler music and movement and different sensory studies in multi-modal approaches with a purpose to engage and guide their development in place of weighing down them. A child’s first stepping stone inside the school device is Kindergarten. The tune and movement program is focused round facilitating the development of your toddler’s nice and gross motor competencies. No depending on their age or potential, the program will assist to increase their self-belief and participation as they take their subsequent learning step.


Exploring movement ideas taking part in musical interactions with items and others. Discovering exclusive methods devices could make sounds and experiencing an extensive variety of musical concepts. Identifying vocally imitating sounds and studying to explain them toddler music class Singapore. Learning to associate a photo with a sound. Singing songs with language styles that explore rhythm, speech sounds, and syntax. Increased alertness, willpower, and capability to adjust their own movements. Stabilization of muscle tissue essential for wholesome posture and typical balance. Improved coordination, locomotor abilities, best motor skills, and finger and hand electricity.

Music makers:               

Development of early pre-literacy and quantity capabilities. Kindermusik is the world’s main provider of tune-based totally schooling for youngsters from beginning through age seven. We use the electricity and joy of music-making to assist youngsters to learn and develop for the duration of the years maximum critical to mental development. This includes the use of each arm together for threading, slicing and coloring or the power and coordination for playing with balls, swimming, climbing, skipping or sitting at a desk. We attain this with the aid of moving in coordinated methods to music and via song to expand the number of physical abilities. The software will assist them to learn about spatial attention, balance, develop bi-lateral and move lateral capabilities. Pincer grip, and middle strength, all crucial for pre-instructional fulfillment. Moving to tune allows children to combine their senses and feelings. We play video games where they have to anticipate a musical cue to take part and this facilitates them additionally boom their capability to govern impulse and therefore alter.

Why Do we Learn Music Class?

Music is a universal language. It transcends boundaries and reaches beyond culture to touch the depth of our souls, express our common emotions and inspire us all.

Music helps us get in touch with, express, and manage our emotions and enhances our ability to communicate—even before we master the language. Imagine instilling that power in your toddler! At this age, they’re uniquely suited to connect with music. And by helping them embrace music and some basic skills early on, you give your child a valuable tool can serve them all their lives.

In addition to being valuable for its own sake, numerous studies have shown that music learning supports all learning. Music classes for toddlers in Singapore allow your toddler to learn and grow in a playful environment that is musically rich and always supportive of their learning style and stage of development.

How does music help toddlers?

Early in life, music has tremendous power to support the developing child in all their growing capacities. In addition to being enjoyable for its own sake, it forges unique connections in the brain, integrating mind, body, and emotions. It enhances a child’s language, cognitive, emotional, social, physical development as well as their learning habits and dispositions.

When you bring the power of music into your toddler’s life with Music Together, you offer them a playful learning environment that is also immediately accessible. We provide children with a wealth of musical experiences to share with the grownups who love them, as the adults learn to continue the play at home. With songs in a range of musical styles—lyrical to blues, world music to folk, along with fun and developmentally appropriate activities, your toddler receives a rich music experience that stimulates and supports their growing skills and understanding.

How many levels in music class?

Level 3 classes engage toddler natural love of music and activate their imaginations. A wide range of learning opportunities boosts language skills, confidence, independence, social-emotional skills, and self-control. You are invited to join the fun for a portion of each class, sharing in the joy of music-making and learning how your child is developing, all while strengthening your relationship with your child.


  • Experiencing a variety of sounds and learning how sounds are produced by playing musical instruments, speaking or singing
  • Playing instruments with an emphasis on a steady beat, repeated rhythm patterns, graphic notation, and ensemble music
  • Ensemble Development, an activity that builds the skills preschoolers need in order to create music within a group
  • Engaging in creative expression and language play, expressing feelings and ideas through movement and music
  • Pre-reading music and learning to interpret graphic notation symbols, a precursor to learning traditional music symbols

Skills & Benefits

  • Increased attention and focus; growing ability to memorize and recall
  • Growing ability to detect patterns, nuances, and timber in sounds, a critical skill for music and language development
  • Experience waiting patiently, taking turns, working cooperatively with a group and communicating effectively and respectfully
  • Wider vocabulary and knowledge of story structures; critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Learning how to decode and interpret symbols, skills necessary for reading, math, and music. To read more benefits of Music & movement classes, Visit “The Musical Voyage “!